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As energy consumption patterns change, adapting our lifestyle is essential. AIPOWER introduces IntelliCharge.AI, a transformative solution optimizing electricity bills and promoting green energy sustainability.

Automatisk optimering af en husstand med

IntelliCharge.AI, our advanced system, analyzes electricity price forecasts, demand, and tariffs. This enables our algorithms to pinpoint the optimal moments for purchasing and storing cost-effective energy in advanced lithium batteries. When demand peaks and prices soar, this stored energy is released, contributing to grid stability by absorbing surplus electricity during low-demand periods. This not only enhances the utilization of green energy, but also generates savings for households. 

Our system efficiently capitalizes on Denmark's frequent windy days and utilizes specific data, including: spot energy prices, weather forecasts, CO2 mix forecasts, Nasdaq futures, water levels in rivers, web interfaces, user profiles, hardware specifications, location details, real-time hardware data, and control settings to determine the most optimal charging plan.

Customized Charging Plan

Our IntelliCharge.AI's unique approach to buying and selling electricity is customized to individual consumption patterns and solar panel power generation, ensuring a precise fit for the specific energy needs.

By closely analyzing this data, IntelliCharge.AI can optimize the purchase and sale of electricity according to the unique demands. This means efficiently charging electric vehicles during periods of low demand, utilizing the battery bank when electricity prices peak, and ensuring energy reserves are prepared for usage when required.


During the night, when electricity prices are low, the surplus power charges the battery, resulting in high battery capacity. This prepares the battery for the morning when solar panels take over, as presented in the graph.

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optimisation by artificial intelligence of electricity usage

Generate Savings with IntelliCharge.AI

Presented below is an example of a typical day in Denmark, with three timeslots demonstrating how IntelliCharge.AI optimizes household energy use, generates passive income, and reduces CO2 emissions.

Competitive Prices

Compared to similar systems with integrated AI, our solutions deliver substantial savings and significant reductions in CO2 emissions, all while maintaining a competitive price point for you. You won't find a better value proposition elsewhere!


  • Savings of approximately 50% compared to other systems with Danish artificial intelligence integrated.

  • For a small household with an annual consumption of 6,000 kWh, a PV production of 3,000 kWh, a 3.6 kWh inverter, and a 5 kWh battery, the potential annual savings amount to approximately DKK 2.890.​

  • In the case of a larger household with an annual consumption of 14,500 kWh, a PV production of 6,000 kWh, a 10 kWh inverter, and a 10 kWh battery, the potential annual savings can reach approximately DKK 6,600.

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Finansiel rapport

Summer - Sunlight Hours & Savings In summer, excess energy produced by PV systems is stored in batteries for use during costly hours. For instance, June offers approximately 17.5 hours of daylight. For a single day in summer, potential savings could reach DKK 13.87 (60.12%). Extending these calculations, this example household could achieve total savings of about DKK 2,600 over the season, with an average monthly savings of roughly 62.00%, by integrating a battery with IntelliCharge.AI.

Winter - Sunlight Hours & Savings In winter, when solar panel production is reduced due to limited sunlight, the batteries enable the redistribution of energy consumption to more cost-effective hours. In January, Denmark has about 7.5 hours of sunlight. For a single day in winter, potential savings could be DKK 25.95 (54.17%). If we extend these calculations for the winter months, this example household could realize total savings of approximately DKK 4,500, with an average monthly savings of about 40.00%, thanks to the use of a battery integrated with IntelliCharge.AI.

Unlock Savings and Sustainability with IntelliCharge.AI 

As illustrated in the examples above from a typical day in Denmark, households can experience automatic cost reduction by utilizing low-cost electricity during peak hours, cutting CO2 emissions.

Thanks to IntelliCharge.AI's integration with a battery, both small and large households can achieve this feature effortlessly.

Additionally, households have the potential to earn passive income that varies with seasons, driven by the difference in sunlight hours. Learn more in the boxes on the left.

Total Savings

By leveraging these benefits, households can save around DKK 6.600 annually on electricity bills, achieving up to 42% in savings without changing their daily routines. 

Simply by integrating IntelliCharge.AI, households gain a significant economic efficiency, ensuring both sustainability and financial advantages for households.

Curious about our calculations? Dive into our white paper below.

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