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Automation + smart savings

Use energy when you want and still get significant savings from the nightly low prices. 


The full AI-powered automation secures high annual savings without the need of producing your own energy.

Last, but not least, the savings can pay back the system after only five years. 


That is true AI-Power.

Effortless Savings with IntelliCharge.AI

By harnessing the power of our IntelliCharge.AI software and cutting-edge hardware, households can enjoy significant savings of up to 30% on their annual electricity bills. This translates to approximately DKK 2,500-5,500 in savings each year.

DKK 5.500/year 

Household 10.000 kWh per year  

DKK 2.500/year

Household 4.500 kWh per year  

DKK 4.200/year

Household 7.500 kWh per year  

DKK 14.000/year

Business 25.000 kWh per year  


IntelliCharge.AI revolutionizes energy management for residential areas. Our user-friendly SaaS solution simplifies electricity charging automation, cost reduction, and sustainability. By integrating with global inverter brands, homeowners can optimize their energy usage, automatically leveraging low-cost or free electricity during peak pricing periods. This ensures maximum savings while promoting a greener and more sustainable future. Experience the power of IntelliCharge.AI and take control of your energy consumption today.

To learn more about our solution, click here.

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