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AI-Powered Battery and Inverter Systems


Battery & Inverter 



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Every household deserves a personal AI-powered energy optimization algorithm, effortlessly fine-tuning their electricity consumption.

AI Generates the Market's Highest Return on Investment and Competitive Prices 

AIPOWER includes IntelliCharge.AI, a software solution that, when combinded with a battery, offers a competitive price point. This solution enables households to achieve substantial savings of up to DKK 6,600, resulting in up to 42% reduction in their annual electricity bills. Learn more about the savings with IntelliCharge.AI here. 

AI saves up to:  

DKK 6.600/year 

Large household 14.500 kWh per year  

DKK 5.700/year

Electric Vehicle with bidirectional inverter 

DKK 2.890/year

Small household 6.000 kWh per year  

DKK 14.000/year

Business 25.000 kWh per year  

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Automatic AI for Smart and Sustainable Savings

IntelliCharge.AI revolutionizes energy management by enabling automatic optimization with low-cost or free electricity and use this during peak pricing periods.

Experience the potential of IntelliCharge.AI, utilizing advanced data analysis to craft optimal charging plans for households, companies, and industries, resulting in financial savings of up to 42% and reduced CO2 emissions of up to 30%.

Empower yourself with IntelliCharge.AI and take charge of your energy consumption today.​

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