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At AIPOWER, we're proud of our extensive network of distributors, spreading our innovative  energy solutions delivering unparalleled value and efficiency to the energy future.

Are you an electrician or someone interested in becoming a distributor? Then keep reading to find out more or get in touch below. 

Discover the Efficiency of IntelliCharge.AI

IntelliCharge.AI is a game-changing energy management solution fostering collaboration with diverse distributors, including electricians.


Our technology revitalizes older PV systems by seamlessly integrating advanced energy optimization. Powered by AI-driven algorithms, it elevates energy utilization, resulting in remarkable savings of up to 45% and sustainable improvements. 

Distributor Advantages 

Partnering with AIPOWER as a distributor means higher ROI. Our integrated package of advanced batteries, cutting-edge inverters, and IntelliCharge.AI caters to diverse customer needs. This expands your product portfolio and taps into the growing demand for energy-efficient solutions. With our commitment to excellence and sustainability, you can provide your clients with reliable, eco-friendly options, shaping the future of energy management and boosting your profitability.

As a distributor, you'll receive:

  • Inclusion of our integrated AI in all solutions

  • Comprehensive support for your customers

  • Products approved on the positivelist

Below is presented how our system works: 

System overblik.png

Become Distributor 

Partnering with AIPOWER not only offers earnings but also comes with comprehensive support and a sustainable positive impact. 

Are you curious to know more or interested in distributor opportunities?

Click below to contact us so we can assist you with a customized solution for your specific needs. 

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