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Ready to transform your energy consumption and embrace sustainability? Discover the power of our innovative solution, IntelliCharge.AI today and take control of your energy future. 

Contact us below to know your opprtunities. 

Unlock up to 45% in Savings with IntelliCharge.AI Integration

Experience a smarter way to manage your household energy consumption with AIPOWER's cutting-edge solutions. Our AI-driven technology, IntelliCharge.AI, empowers you to optimize your energy usage, significantly reducing electricity bills while contributing to a greener environment and reducing grid denpendency.

Seamlessly integrating advanced batteries, intelligent inverters, and the innovative IntelliCharge.AI platform empowers you to effortlessly manage fluctuating energy demands. The result? Enjoy up to substantial 45% savings on your electricity bills without changing your daily routine.

IntelliCharge.AI: Unmatched Efficiency and Savings

Are you interested in a pesonal solution, please click below.

Upgrade your solar power experience with IntelliCharge.AI! 


Whether you have a new or retrofit PV system, our cutting-edge AI-technology ensures peak efficiency by managing energy production and consumption.

What you get with our solution is:

  • Inclusion of our integrated AI in your system

  • Comprehensive support 

  • Products approved on the positivelist

Learn more about IntelliCharge.AI here!

AI-Powered Bundled Solutions

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